Help The Curbside Chronicle open a full-scale flower shop!

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The Curbside Chronicle is a street paper in Oklahoma City, amplifying the voices of and providing dignified employment to individuals experiencing homelessness. In January, Curbside won Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s Great Idea Challenge, receiving a portion of the startup funding needed to open a full-scale, brick-and-mortar flower shop that will provide supportive employment to men and women transitioning out of homelessness. This opportunity will provide a next step for individuals barriers to entering the mainstream workforce, such as mental illness and addiction, lack of education, criminal justice involvement, and lack of transportation. This will provide a much needed bridge from The Curbside Chronicle into long-term employment opportunities, creating a bridge that builds job skills in a traditional, but supportive work environment. Although the OCCF Great Idea Challenge grant was a start, we now need your help!

Donate below to join The Curbside Chronicle in creating supportive employment opportunities for men and women traditionally excluded from the workforce!


Watch our vendors in action during our 2018 Mother’s Day floral campaign, where they processed, sorted and arranged over 18,000 flowers in just a few days. Throughout the campaign, we provided employment to 39 Curbside vendors as they assembled and sold beautiful bouquets throughout Oklahoma City.